Subdivide Your Land


Subdivision is process of dividing an existing block into smaller pieces, ranging from small scale splits of1 into 2, up to large scale master planned community splits. The process to achieve this usually involves obtaining a planning permit from your local council, whether it be an infill development in a metropolitan area or a greenfill development in an outer suburban or country area. Essential services such as electricity, water, sewerage and gas need to be connected to the block.

The subdivision process we conduct involve:

  • Arranging a personal appointment with our property strategists to understand your particular needs
  • Conduct due diligence on your site to ensure suitability for subdivision with your local council
  • Organise a land surveyor to visit your property to measure your site
  • Depending on your requirements the subdivision will only require a permit to subdivide the land, or a full planning permit with working drawings for the new design
  • We’ll then organise a town planner to lodge your project for a planning permit
  • After your permit is approved we’ll lodge the plans to the titles office and service authorities for consent
  • Final subdivision approval will be dependent on any conditions by the service authorities
  • Once the conditions are met, a statement of compliance is issued by the Council for registration with the land titles office.

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