Design Edge are building consultants with a special flair to evaluate your development for its best and highest uses. This process starts with an obligation-free appointment to understand your particular needs. We analyse your site and conduct our due diligence process. This will enable us to plan and add value from concept to completion of your development or project. We achieve the best results with our team of professionals and co-ordinate the following services: Strategical property planning, townplanning, land surveying, architectural design and drafting, project management, civil engineering, structural engineering, quantity surveying, building surveying and building construction.
Design Edge Property Group focuses on providing comprehensive property solutions and building management.
We achieve this with our 7 step plan:

  1. Arranging a personal appointment with our property strategists to understand your particular needs (and help you source a site if required)
  2. Plan a blueprint for your project that suits your budget
  3. Carry out site inspections to determine and evaluate the project’s viability
  4. Consider your different options of protecting your assets
  5. Coordinate the townplanning and building permit process with all professionals
  6. Project Manage the project from concept to completion
  7. Organise the marketing and sales for your project


  • Boarding Houses (Class 3 Building)
  • Strata-titling
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Storage Sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Renovations
  1. Site Cut and Fill (Site remedial works)
  2. Land Surveyor to peg site
  3. Electrical (Run underground power to permanent switchboard)
  4. Plumbing (Install stormwater, waste, hot and cold water pipes)
  5. Foundations (Concrete slab)
  6. Inspect foundations by building surveyor
  7. Building Framing
  8. External Windows and Door Frames
  9. Roof Trusses and Tile/Metal Roofing
  10. External cladding (Brick, Block, Composite)
  11. Inspect framing and roofing by building surveyor
  12. Interior Fitout (Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/Cooling ducts, Rough Ins)
  13. Lock Up
  14. Plastering
  15. Fixtures and Fittings (Kitchen, Bathroom)
  16. Painting
  17. Floor Finishes (Tiles, Carpet, Floating Floor)
  18. External works, Landscaping, Driveways and Pathways
  19. Practical completion inspection

Site Analysis and Financial Feasibility

We calculate the suitability of your site for its highest and best uses.

Site Analysis:

This process involves thorough research of the property and conducting a site visit.

Financial Feasibility:

The most critical part to any successful development is the due diligence process that is undertaken right at the start of the project. We carefully analysis the financial viability of your specific project to generate the best and highest use for your property. This process involves generating a variety of possible strategies for the property, and then comparing them in regards to:
  1. Profits (Return on Investment)
  2. Financial cash required as a deposit to start the project (Example. 20% deposit)
  3. Bank loan (Example. 80%)
  4. Time to complete the project
  5. Risks and project type
Upon completion of our due diligence process on your site, we tailor your specific circumstances to the shortlist of ideal strategies and recommend the best direction forward.

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